Join Them to Go Digital — Ten Classic LED Cases from Absen

In 2017, from weather-resistant outdoor solutions to tailored indoor applications, Absen has engineered a package of digital projects in the most innovating of forms. Here are Abens’s ten classic cases in 2017 in terms of scale, influence and visual effect.


1. 2018 FIFA World Cup

Kremlin, Russia

Stage & stadium screen for 2018 FIFA World Cup Final Draw

With President Vladimir Putin, Absen’s master screen witnessed the moment of Final Draw



2. New Jersey Devils Home Game

New Jersey, US

The largest funnel-shaped screen in the world

Asben screen excited audience with unprecedentedly powerful visual impact



3. Westgate Hotel

Las Vegas, US

A1688 series, outdoor spectacular in Westgate Mall center, 1400 sqm attracting passers-by

Products with Absen-encapsulated diodes becomes increasingly popular



4. Water Festival


Giant irregular custom-made stage screen

Absen’s innovative screen energizes and lights up the whole festival party



5. Smart City Project, Shenzhen

Government institute, China

NPP (Narrow pixel pitch) screen for control rooms, 100 megapixel, 166.9 square meters

The largest curved NPP screen with highest-resolution in the world



6. Nanjing Crowne Plaza, the largest shopping mall in Asia,

Nanjing, China

For the first time, it accepts China-made diodes instead of exported ones

With its self-encapsulated diodes, Absen breaks the stereotype about made-in-China displays



7. 2017 Chinese Football Association Super League (CSL)

Football stadiums in different Chinese cities

Stadium Fence Screen

Absen never miss any exciting shots and moments!



8. Porsche Asia

Guangzhou, China

Porsche’s largest fixed digital display in Asia

It definitely decorates the shop in a “Fast & Furious” way and brings more customer engagement



9. Digital media project of People’s Daily

Shandong, China

Print media is about to die? Absen digital display brings new life to media



10. The 4th World Zhejiang Entrepreneurs Convention

Hangzhou, China

Giant curved screen for the Convention stretches 63 meters in length

Again, Absen meets entrepreneurs from the world



In 2017, Absen advanced another step in tailoring LED display for the world, and behind the above ten classic cases are the earnest attitude and sophisticated product from Absen. Absen engineers every solution to fit the needs of conveying high-resolution media without sacrificing structural quality or professional service. In 2018, Absen is poised to answer digital signage challenges from all over the world with the same earnest attitude.


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