Russian World Cup Venues Feature Absen LED

The four-year global football tournament kicks off with an opening match between Russia and Saudi Arabia tonight in Moscow. In the next four weeks 32 international teams will meet to battle which nation is the best. 64 matches of the World Cup 2018 will be played at 12 stadiums located in 11 Russian cities.


Among the 12 sport venues, the Kazan Arena, Kaliningrad stadium and Rostov Arena are equipped with cutting-edge LED display systems from the award-winning LED brand Absen.


Kazan Arena

Host City:  Kazan

Capacity:  45,000*

Home Team:  FC Rubin Kazan

Location:  Chistopolskaya Street, Novo-Savinovsky district

Matches:  France VS Australia (June 16), Iran VS Spain (June 20), Poland VS Colombia (June 24), South Korea VS Germany (June 27), one last-16 game (June 30), one quarter-final (July 6).




As early as in 2013, Kazan Arena had installed a 340m2 Absen LED display primarily used for official information release, live video and instant replays, up-to-the-minute statistics, sponsorship messages or emergency notices etc. Product applied here is Absen A1688, able to meet high requirements for image quality, product reliability, viewing experience and environment protection.


Kaliningrad Stadium

Host City:  Kaliningrad

Capacity:  35,000*

Home Team:  FC Baltika Kaliningrad

Location:  Oktyabrsky Island

Matches:  Croatia VS Nigeria (June 16), Serbia VS Switzerland (June 22), Spain VS Morocco (June 25), England VS Belgium (June 28)




The innovative LED display solution that Absen tailored for Kaliningrad Stadium features a 27m*15m C15, built flush into the wall of the entrance, and two 15.36m*10.24m A1099 mounted on the wall inside the venue, securing a functional and decorative part of the video system of the whole stadium. This beacon will welcome hundreds of thousands of international athletes and fans in every game during World Cup 2018 and more in different matches in the future.


Rostov Arena 

Host City:  Rostov-on-Don

Capacity:  45,000*

Home Team:  FC Rostov

Location:  Left bank of the river Don, the Grebnoy canal area

Matches:  Brazil VS Switzerland (June 17), Uruguay VS Saudi Arabia (June 20), South Korea VS Mexico (June 23), Iceland VS Croatia (June 26), one last-16 game (July 2).




The configuration of the Absen digital signage system designed for Rostove Arena resembles that of the Kaliningrad Stadium. With two scoreboards inside the sport arena and one neatly mounted on its exterior surface, the display system is integrated into the video system and capable of playing various content.


To provide a special communication channel for the city’s emergency services during the 2018 FIFA World Cup, Moscow’s Department of Information Technology offices near Kaliningrad Stadium and Rostov Arena also added two Absen LED displays for playing content of public information.


Absen LED displays of nearly 2,000 square meters of have been utilized to create wow factors and offer best-ever viewing experience for world-wide fans in this truly global football game. In December 2017, Absen secured a remarkable stage with excellent visual performance for the Final Draw of 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia with its world-class LED display systems.


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